Race Schedule
Challenge Division 2009
(2010 schedule coming soon)

May 17th - Milwaukee Mile - West Allis, WI
June 13th - O'Reilly Raceway Park - Indianapolis, IN
July 4th - Rockingham Speedway - Rockingham
July 18th - Salem Speedway - Salem, IN
August 2nd - Nasvhille Fairgrounds - Nasvhille, TN
August 15th - Nashville Super Speedway - Nashville, TN
September 12th - Gateway International Raceway - Madison, IL
September 19th - Iowa Speedway - Newton, IA
November 7th - Memphis Motorsports Park - Memphis, TN

***Rockingham Speedway is a Points event in the Challenge Division and an invitational for North and South Division (non Points in those divisions)

ASA LATE MODEL SERIES - 7360 ELM, LEXINGTON, MI 48450 – 1-800-385-2503 - –

The ASA Late Model Series Overview

The ASA Late Model Series is the fastest growing Late Model Series in the country. The series has events throughout 1/3 of the country with a geographic span in the Northern, Midwest, Eastern, and Southern United States.

Top companies such as General Motors, Choice Hotels, Budget Rental, DHL, O’Reilly’s Auto Parts, Safety Kleen, Hoosier Tires, etc... And dozens more have partnered with the series in an effort to strengthen our market shares together. These partnerships have become the cornerstone of our series and continue to build and grow consumer awareness of not only the series but the companies and their message.

Over 200 professional racing teams have joined to participate in the ASA Late Model Series to garner recognition in the racing industry as a stepping stone for a higher level of professional racing. Our 2005 ASA Late Model Champion, Stephen Leicht; 2006 Champion Kelly Bires and James Buescher; 2006 and 2007 competitors, Landon Cassill, Michael Annett and John Wes Townley all currently participate in the NASCAR Nationwide Series and Select Craftsman Truck events. The ASA Late Model Series has occasional appearances from Top drivers such as David Stremme and Johnny Benson. We have potential scouts continually watching our developmental teams because of the recognition we offer our teams.

There is a strong demand for more ASA Late Model Series racing throughout the country as many tracks are not only booking our events but developing our rules and body packages at their own tracks to offer even more exposure. This means more and more ASA Late Model Series teams that will participate with us and continue to build our market.

It is our hope that your company can benefit from the large market of teams that we have participating with us that may have the opportunity to use your products or services. We have programs that will fit any budget and have developed strong relationships with many companies in the industry to help keep late model racing strong. Whether you just want to get your name out to the teams, be a part of the product contingency award programs or participate in a select event there is a place for your company with the series.

Media Publications – The ASA Late Model Series is picked up by hundreds of print and web media each and every week. We are on of the highest profile short track series in the country and put a full effort in to promoting our teams, series, sponsors and venues that we participate at.

Product Usage – The ASA Late Model Series has a proven record of increasing product usage with the 200 plus teams that participate with our series each year. We have had great success with the participating sponsor program and would like to continue to grow with the top companies in the industry.

Branding – hundreds of thousands of impressions per season through, web, decals, banners, pa announcements, ads, press releases, email blasts, brochure handouts, etc…Keep your company in the forefront of the drivers and teams that use your products and services.


Male ======================61%
Female =============39%

Age Composition

Under 18 ===8%
19-24 =====15%
25-34 =========25%
35-44 ==========29%
45-54 ======17%
55+ ===8%

Household Income

Under $15K ==4%
$15K-$24K ====11%
$25K-$34K =======19%
$35K-$49K ==========28%
$50K-$74K ========23%
$75K + =====15%

Education Level

High School ================46%
Trade/Vocational =======19%
Some College ============35%
College Graduate ========23%


Technical/Skilled Trade ============34%
Professional ==========31%
Managerial =====14%
Manufacture/Factory ====10%
Retired ==6%
Student ==5%

City Population

Lansing, MI 119,675
Ann Arbor, MI 98,743
Flint, MI 111,948
Dearborn, MI 94,511
Grand Rapids, MI 193,568
Detroit, MI 836,056
Madison, WI 203,704
Rockford, IL 139,173
Milwaukee, WI 556,948
Indianapolis, IN 765,310
Nashville, TN 552,662
Tampa, FL 312,855
Memphis, TN 642,251
Tallahassee, FL 141,148
Columbia, SC 88,450
Lexington, KY 260,512
Chicago, IL 2,701,296
Gary, IN 97,057
Aurora, IL 170,490
St. Louis, MO 333,730
Akron, OH 200,181
Cleveland, OH 414,534
Columbus, OH 693,983
Fort Wayne, IN 219,346
Charlotte, NC 601,598
Pensacola, FL 56,255
Kansas City, MO 441,545
Charleston, SC 96,650
Atlanta, GA 416,474
Louisville, KY 256,231
Des Moines, IA 198,682
Macon, GA 97,255
St. Louis, IL 29,448
Concord, NC 62,987

Website Trends for the ASA Late Model Series Website: Snapshot

The Series maintains its own websites,, Each sponsor, regardless of type, receives an ad as well as a short synopsis of the sponsor and their product line. The website has proven to be a resounding success. The ASA Late Model Series sites have become a home page thousands everyday. Your web ads and banners get as much or more exposure than focused racing publications. - Monthly Average – 900,000 – Monthly Average -700,000 – Monthly Average – 800,000

Rulebook 2009 – The in our rulebooks are distributed not only to our registered teams, but to tracks and series across the country that have developed our rules package. The exposure is ten times the registered member

Decal Program – All ASA Late Model Series cars are required to have on ALL decals for every event. Hundreds of race publications pick up our cars for their catalogs, brochures and advertisements because of the professional look and that adds thousands and thousands more of impressions for each partner

Awards Program – We manage an extensive awards program to all our teams at every event. The program is detailed for each company and is geared towards driving to the company

Tracking Programs – We track and record most racing product usage of our teams so that we can provide data back to our partners giving them valuable market and competition information.

Event Programs – Choose one or many of the 2009 events to hit the market demographics in your chosen geographic area. Banner placements, PA Announcements, Midway Space, Ticketing, inclusion in Media ads, thousands of dollars of advertising with this unique networking program

The ASA Late Model Schedule will consist of 26-28 events throughout the USA. 10-12 of those in our Southern Division, 10-12 of those in the Northern Division and 6-8 in our Premier Challenge Division.

Average Fan counts vary depending on the location and size of the track and range from 800 to 12,000 people per event.

Schedule: (all dates are tentative) January 15-16,2010 Week-end of Champions Indianapolis, Indiana ASA Late Model Banquet and Owner/Driver meetings April 10th, 2010 testing 1 location TBA April 24th, 2010 testing 2 location TBA June 16th, 2010 6:00 pm Minerva, Ohio 87th Annual Minerva Homecoming Parade Meet and Greet to follow parade (location TBA) August 21st,2010 10:00 am Alliance, Ohio Carnation Festival Grand Parade Meet and Greet to follow parade (location TBA)

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