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Pond Products

Earth Plus carries pond systems and chemicals for all size ponds, water features, lakes, etc. Also available are liners, pumps waterfalls, skimmers, filters, plumbing, etc.
Sampling of pond supplies in store
Pondless water feature shows natural stone bubbler rocks that we can drill for you. We have everything you need to build your water feature.
Mega Liner - 36 mil. polyethylene
reinforced with h.d.p.e. - high density polyethelyne - scrims

The Mega Liner is 50 + times stronger than any rubber liner and almost indestructible and flexible enough to conform to any water feature that you can imagine. This liner will withstand the largest boulder, no matter what shape or size, rough or smooth. It’s a good idea to use geotextile underlayment which is also available.

The standard stock rolls are 12’ and 24’ wide by up to 250’ long. We can custom order virtually any size liner to suit your needs. Custom size orders are not a problem! We will have your custom liner made to your specifications and shipped to your location or ours. Some orders are shipped UPS, while other larger orders are motor freight lee time, which is usually 7 to 10 business days. The Mega Liner is exclusive to Earth Plus.
The Mega Liner is exclusive to Earth Plus.

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